Natal Astrology Report $15.95

Treat yourself or a friend with this accurate birth chart and
complete 20+ page report.

The chart wheel is in color with a key explaining all the symbols.
The calculations are made with Halloran professional software, with
planetary accuracy within one minute. Best of all is the detailed
interpretation by astrologer, Janice Barsky. Her reading stresses that
you are the ultimate decider of your fate. She explains the meaning of
each planet in each sign and house, as well as all the major aspects.
Halloran software gives a numeric rating to each aspect to show the
strength of each influence.

StarMatch Compatibility Report $15.95

The StarMatch Compatibility Report compares two people's astrological
influences and gives a numerical Communication Index of harmonious and
inharmonious aspects. Each aspect has an Attraction and a Permanence
Rating of positive or negative values. A combined chart wheel in full
color illustrates how your planets interact. The 20 page interpretive
report by Janice Barsky identifies areas of attraction, harmony and
conflict. An astrological analysis can sensitize you to possible
challenges and give a new perspective on problems in existing
relationships and how to overcome them.

For a completely accurate report, it is necessary to know the exact time
(within 10 minutes) and location of birth. However, it is possible to do
a shorter interpretation based on just the date and location. If your
birth time is not exact please say so.

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