What is Current Phase of the Moon?
2024 LPC
Wholesale Pricing is available to stores, please e-mail: sbaylies@gmail.com or call Susan at 919-401-9591
2024 Lunar Phase Card
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        Pictured here folded, full size is 8.5" x 11", shows every night's lunar phase, new and full moon times, the moon's astrological sign, solstices and equinoxes, and eclipse information. Blank inside, envelopes ( 6" x 9") are included with three or more cards. One card can be mailed in USA with one First Class stamp.  
  • Please do not photocopy.
The times for the New and Full moons are in Eastern Standard Time (EST, -5:00 GMT), which is five hours before Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), or Eastern Daylight Time during summer half of year ( -4 GMT).
$3.25 each for 1-2 cards, plus $1.00 postage
$2.75 each for 3-9 cards, plus postage
$2.25 each for 12 or more cards, plus postage
(if you ask for 10 or 11, the price will total to $27.00, same as 12 cards)
2023 LPC and previous years available; $1.25 each, without envelopes.
Request which year in the e-mail box on order form.
Using LPCs with Children
 In this day and age of constant screens and video, it is refreshing to look up and see the moon with one's naked eyes. One of my customers told me she gave one to each of her grandchildren, and they circle the days when they see the moon with their own eyes.
          I gave some to my banker for his kids, and the next time I saw him, he said they must have neck aches from constantly craning their heads out the car window looking for the moon. They love it!

Medium sized Wallchart

2024 LPC Wallchart (medium size)
Same format as the Lunar Phase Card, but enlarged to
11 x 14 inches makes it easier to read.
$6.75 plus post. Shipped flat without envelopes.

LPC poster comparison
2024 Lunar Phase Poster (largest size)
  • $11.75 + shipping*, sent in a mailing tube.
  • dimensions:  24 x 30 inches (61 x 80 cm)
  • These are printed on regular light-weight office paper, but the clarity is great since each one is printed directly from a giant computer file.
  • *shipping: $4.00 per mailing tube for USA. Other countries will cost more-please email me for an estimate. I will adjust shipping price before I charge your card if more than one poster goes in same mailing tube to keep your shipping cost as low as possible.

Lunar Information Sheet
One 8 1/2" x 11" page of information about the moon's energy, and how to use the lunar phase card. OK to photocopy this, but not the Lunar Phase Card, please. $0.25, or available for free--
read it in HTML or
print it in PDF format.

Real Comments from Real Customers...

Thanks Susan! I purchased your moon phase calendar each year during my menses cycles. Now I will get back on track for moon celebrations and work during my crone years!
-Bellingham WA

My 27th year living on your Moon Calendars. Blessings for the Solstice and this next Turn of the Wheel.
-Abingdon VA
Thank you so much for making this beautiful calendar every year. Giving them out to all my girlfriends is one of the highlights of my year.
-New Orleans LA

Thank you! I have come to know myself and my cycles as they are winding down so much more. I am beginning to truly appreciate this time of the impending Crone. And tracking other things as well is so easy. I can't imagine not having a moon calendar.
-Las Cruces NM
I have been tracking my cycle for 24 years now on your mooncharts and it is so wonderful to look back and see the cycle I have had over my journey from young maiden to the beginning stages of peri-menopause. Your charts have been one of the most consistent tools in my adult life. You are a blessing!
Redlands CA

Tracking my cycles by the moon chart has made a huge difference as I transition into menopause. Love it and Thank You!!
New Mexico

love your lunar charts...I hope if you ever want to stop making them that you will pass on the skill. I don't know what I will do without them! I use them to track my cycles and I haven't gone wrong since.
New Hampshire, USA

Thank you! I have over 20 years of these calendars tracking my moontimes, from my maiden years . . . as I'm now approaching menopause. I love giving them to friends as well.
Corinna Wood, Founder, Southeast Wise Women and Red Moon Herbs
Black Mountain NC

Thanks! I love your lunar calendar. I used one last year, and it was really helpful for charting my cycles and my migraines.
Durham, NC

at least once a month I take a meditative moment to review and preview my year. Excellent as a chart for my cycle, and just good to know when those tides will be pulling strongest.
-M.G. California, USA

My new year is not complete without this wonderful reference you've created that I've come to depend upon!
-M.M. Massachusetts, USA

The lunar phase card is such a small and important part of my life now for years- thank you
-D.S. New Hampshire, USA

Thanks to your lunar phase cards, I have been able to plan my life according to the resonance of my body with the moon. This has helped me to move to the country and find a wonderful job... Thanks!
-J.S. Washington, USA

didn't get one last year & spent THE ENTIRE YEAR off rhythm & confused!
-C.C. Maryland, USA

Time for another years moon phases- yours is the only one that is constantly excellent,
I really appreciate the simplicity of it. Many thanks,
-R.E. Minnesota, USA

I have been giving these to my close women friends for years. They love them, and I do too. Thanks for providing an inexpensive, yet essential, valuable gift.
-H.L. Maine, USA

I use them to mark my transformation into a werewolf and to let my relatives know when to lock their doors & windows.

As promised, belated order for the following thought-provoking, refrigerator-mounted reminders to step outside at night for more than a moment...
-T.I. Pennsylvania, USA

Your lunar phase card is the only calendar I need. I use it to plan all of my pagan celebrations, to know when to plant my garden, when to harvest wild herbs, and to chart my Bleeding times. Thanks for making an affordable useful lunar chart- it has been a blessing in my life.
-J.P. Middletown, N.Y. USA

My Aunt Brige gave me a lunar phase card about five years ago and I dismissed it as silly.... now I keep track of all of my cycles and recommend the charts to everyone. Thanks to the chart I know exactly when our second child was conceived and therefore I told the doctors exactly which day she would be born.
-L.G. California, USA

Love these cards, so do my family and friends, best holiday gift ever, and they last all year, keep on making them!
-D.L. Minnesota, USA

I recently took a 3600 mile solo cycling trip. On such adventures one chooses gear carefully and rejects anything that is not essential. Your lunar phase card easily qualified as necessary equipment. Thank you!
-T.J. California, USA

Living in one of the largest cities in the world, I rely on this chart to keep me in touch with what is going on in the real world.
-R.H. Tokyo, Japan

I was extremely pleased and relieved to hear from you ... Since it's often difficult to find the moon in NYC's cloudy skies, I often need help to reattune myself with my inner cycles and surroundings. Thank you for being such a creative link.
-K.F. New York, USA

I rely on the Lunar Phase Cards for every day info relating to my female cycle, and I give them to women as Xmas cards- even my brother uses one for fishing! Thanks,
-D.C. Iowa, USA

Here's the small payment for your great moonchart. It's a great idea and very useful guide with the moon's influences.
-A.B. Sweden

I can't imagine not having one of these on my wall...I've been tracking menstrual migraines using these cards for about five years...my doctor is amazed by my lunar tracking system.
-M.M. North Carolina, USA

I am a big fan of your shirts and lunar cards. The cards have kept a record of my fertility cycles for many years and for two of my children's births I labored in my Night Tree shirt.
-M.B. Philly, Pa USA

I'm writing to let you know that your lunar calendars are tres fab, and that I've finally been able to make sense of my period. I never use my regular calendar to chart it any more, so, muchas gracias!
-T.M. New York, USA

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