Plastic Bottles Overload
Here is a great video about the scam the bottle water manufacturers have put over on us,
by Annie Leonard who also produced the brilliant video, The Story of Stuff
Annie Leonard: The Story of Bottled Water (2010)

Plastic Bottles - Do you know the Truth? PSA

A copy of the above video is here in pdf format:

          I knew that buying bottled water is more expensive than drinking filtered water, but I was surprised to learn that filtered tap water is often healthier than bottled water.
          I read statistics on bottled water quality tests, which showed higher bacteria count in many brands (than tap water),
but it was listening to Dr. Eliaz in this 4 minute video below which changed my lifestyle for good.       -Susan Baylies  

Please watch it.

The carcinogens and hormone disrupters in plastic bottles leach into the water when the temperature is over 120 degrees.
 Guess what...
all those sexy bottles of ice cold water were transported to your grocery stores
in trucks, and so ...
Bingo!      those trucks' cargo space often tops 120 degrees.  Get it?
You are at risk, and babies drinking warm formula from plastic bottles are even more at risk.

Are you too depressed to hear any more about this? If so,  scroll down for comic relief to see the man who made his own private island out of plastic bottles.

Want to save hundreds of dollars and help reduce Global Warming?

Adele Israel explains how kicking the bottled water habit will do just that.
Read her article "No More Plastic Water Bottles at

CBS News' Meg Oliver Interviews Dr. Alton Barron as to why the FDA has not banned BPA yet, even though the Science Advisory Panel said it may be dangerous.

Funny Video: Plastic Bottle Island

Richard Sowa collects 300,000 bottles on the beaches of Mexico, and makes himself an island. You have to see it to believe it!
       He is kind of crazy, very creative, and clever...some say genius. You decide.
        This first island of his got destroyed by a hurricane, but he built a second one, with the help of some of his YouTube fans:

Which plastics are OK and which are dangerous to your health?
The safety of plastics depends on more than their physical make-up, but the numbers in the triangles can help you decide what to avoid.
As far as I can tell, all plastics can leach depending on many factors, such as temperature, age of the material, exposure to acids (vinegar, tomato sauce), some detergents, or abrasion ( scrubbing the surface).
The Container Corporation of Canada has this guide to the chemical make up of each number, but remember they are in the business of selling packaging.

Bonnie Penner gives this bottom line in her article, Are Plastic Water Bottles Safe?
Less Leaching Plastic: #2, 4, & 5
More Leaching Plastic: #1, 3, 6, & 7
I would put #7 as the worst, since it may contain BPA.

Better (less leaching): #2   #4   #5

Worse (more leaching): #1   #3   #6

Worst of all (BPA)#7

See my information page about BPA, the endocrine disrupter in #7 plastics Welcome to the Living Room Think Tank  Susan's rarely used blog.