All Original Art by Susan Baylies

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"Inner Cavern"  oil painting

"Fire Sky" oil painting

"Mystery Cavern"  oil painting

"Mazeland" oil painting

Pastels by Susan

"Pink Goddess"  pastel

"Glowing Green Goddess"  pastel

"Crescent Winged Goddess"  pastel

"Green Labyrinth"  pastel

"Owl's Moon"  pastel

"Blue Labyrinth" pastel

"Giant Shell" pastel
original pastel
"Lava Lizards"  pastel

"3 Eyes"  pastel

"Leafy Snake"  luma dyes

"Lunar Procession"
Original idea before Goddesses Dancing design was put on t-shirts, screenprint poster by Susan Baylies

"3 Eyes" digital art preceded the pastel

Goddess Gallery

Hall of Planets

Animal Spirits