Altar Box

Durga is the source of all the energy in the universe, according to the Hindu priest I interviewed. She is the mother of all the other Hindu gods and goddesses. She has nine aspects, one of which is Kali. She has aspects that nurture and problem solve, as well as the more well known warrior image, who slays the demons of injustice.
She is my favorite goddess role model:
       Feminine, with a nurturing side, and fearless in tackling all adversity.
Durga Puja is the greatest Hindu festival in which God is adored as Mother.
Durga battles the Buffalo Demon
This is the story of how Durga was formed, even though she existed before the other gods called her to manifest.

The latest incarnation of Durga in my life is the WWDD? t-shirt,

My first Durga Tee (no longer in print)
She is the bringer of justice, and so my friends who began HAWAP (Hard-Assed Women Against Patriarchy) asked me to do Durga t-shirts for them. I drew this image based on several old Hindu images of her, and that was when I got hooked on her as my most favored Goddess.

Banner Detail
I made a large banner of Her, with Indian sari fabric for her outfit. In October is Durga Puja, meaning Durga Prayer Days. I learned how to properly celebrate this week from a Hindu priest. For my temple room, he suggested a large image up high and a smaller image with lights around it below. I had already made the banner and my nightlight/Altar box, so I was all set.

During Her prayer days, avoid meat, and put all your food on the altar below Her for a little blessing before eating it. This was a wonderful week! The Unitarian 4th grade Sunday school class came to see it.

Here is my Durga Temple Room: