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Lava Lizards
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The Story Behind Lava Lizards Design

   Lava Lizards pastel drawing

     Here is the pastel drawing I did many years ago after returning from Costa Rica where I was lucky enough  to see Volcán Arenal erupt in the middle of the night in total darkness. It was loud! and I could smell the smoke!
     I remember having two ideas for what t-shirt design to make next, either lizards, or a volcano. I went back and forth in my mind; lizards?... volcano? Then the inspiration came to do both at once! I didn't have any black paper so I rushed to an art supply store, bought it, hurried home and made this design that afternoon. It literally flowed out of me.
Had my paper been wider, I might have spread it out more sideways.
      I recently pulled out my pastels and touched up the yellows to brighten it a bit, and have rephotographed it for this new iteration. The t-shirt in the photo above is one of my old version, where I had to use only 4 colors of ink. The new version is more faithful to the original art.
      Here are some photos I found of that very volcano. It erupts frequently, or at least it did when I went there, every other day or so.

Arenal Volcano

Volcán Arenal, Costa Rica

Volcano erupting

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