Adjustable Rings
These rings are size adjustable and made of solid sterling silver.
snake ring
Snake Mother Ring        $55.00
Snake Mother embodies the life cycle of birth, growth, death, and rebirth. She represents the bodily force of the kundalini as it rests in the first chakra and the serpent Ouroboros in continuous regeneration.

Moon Dancer Ring     $45.00

In her dance she "brings down the moon," drawing into herself the traditional lunar qualities of fertility, intuition, abundance, receptivity, and wisdom.

  • This ring comes in two adjustable sizes: 
Medium (4-7) and Large (7-11)
 We send M unless you request Large (there is a comments box on online order form)

The pendants Celebration or Starbirth are a good match with this ring.
Dragon Ring
Dragon Ring        $55.00
If you would like a pet dragon wrapped around your finger, this is perfect for you!

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