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Q. What is Suzebilia?

A. Suzebilia is a cool way for Susan Baylies, founder of Snake and Snake Productions, to be able to make t-shirts again without having to print them or even ship them.
This is possible by using
POD (Print-on-Demand) model. However, you have to go to my online Suzebilia shops to buy them. I do the fun part and partner with printers who produce and ship to you.  It takes about 5-10 days to be created, shipped, and be in your hands.
      I have several online Suzebilia shops, each with different products available. I've ordered some and am quite pleased.              Hope you find something you love!
                                                                  --  Susan
Susan in dragon t-shirt

My shop at Square:  Suzebilia.square.site
Hint: Be sure to click the "Shop now" button when you go to this shop to see all the tees.
  Suzebilia at Square
        This shop has good quality 100% cotton midweight t-shirts, Gildan 5000, which is similar to the tees I used at Snake and Snake, and the ultra-smooth unisex Bella Canvas 3001, which has a more relaxed and open crew neck.

assorted tees from Suzebilia at Square

My shop at Red Bubble:   Suzebilia.redbubble.com
Hint: best way to find all my products here is to click "Explore designs" and then under the design you choose, click "shop all products."
Suzebilia at Red Bubble
       This shop makes tons of different kinds of stuff. It has been really fun to see my designs on pillows, mugs, hats, duvet covers, clocks, not to mention a huge selection of garment styles. There is a much greater choice of tee colors, and you can get hoodies, longsleeve tees, racerback tanks, pretty much anything. I have bought a few, and they are printed beautifully.  
The other fun advantage of Red Bubble is that they have lots of other great artists, and if you like my stuff, they may show you similar art. You can search for any topic to find designs of your interests.

assorted tees at Suzebilia at RedBubble

If you have any design requests or other questions, e-mail me at suzebilia@gmail.com

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