Suzebilia Designs
          These designs featuring art by Susan Baylies are available at several online Suzebilia shops. At the Square Suzebilia shop, please subscribe to my mailing list to hear about more new designs.
     You can go directly to the shops with these links, or click below the design photos to go to that exact product.
          Most tees come in size Small through 4XL, and start at $18.00 or $19.00 for sizes S-XL and a few dollars more up to $24.00 for 4XL.
The widest variety of products is at my Red Bubble shop and they sometimes have sales when everything is discounted.
I only have a few things at my Printify Pop-up shop... I like this shop for socks.

Snake and Snake Productions Designs Reborn!

What Would Durga Do? pink
What Would Durga Do?
in pink, berry, pebble, tan, or white.

Lava Lizards pastel drawing
The Story Behind Lava Lizards
and where to get them

Cats Posing hoodie
Cats Posing
in so many ways!

Celebrating 2024: the Great Eclipse and the Year of the Dragon

Total eclipse tee

Susan in Dragon tee

Wood Dragon totebag
Year of the Wood Dragon tote bag
Wood Dragon many styles and products
Wood Dragon T-shirts on black or purple

Many of my designs are available on cards, postcards, and art prints at Red Bubble.

I began Snake and Snake Productions as a greeting card company many years ago, so these cards make a full circle for me. - Susan
Lava Lizard card
Total Eclipse card
Dragon card
Snowy Owl card
Inner Peace Lotus card

Spirit Animals -Starting with Owl
Owl Guardian

Snowy Owl Guardian T-shirts royal blue, black

Snowy Owl in Winter T-shirts black, navy, royal blue
Owl Portal tee

Inner Peace Lotus Flower Looks Great Large!
Inner Peace tee
Inner Peace blanket

Inner Peace scarf

Inner Peace Giant Scarf

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