Moon Fairies

Moonstone (& Amethyst) Fairies and Yoga Fairy in Sterling Silver

Moon Fairy
Fairy messenger carrying a moonstone*
1 inch (2.5 cm)   $29.00

Amethyst Fairy
Fairy carrying amethyst*
1 inch (2.5 cm)  $

Yoga Fairy
Perched on a green malachite* globe, this fairy can be a pendant or made into earrings.  $
29.00 each
3/4" inch
 (2 cm.)

Fairy Earring

Earrings have a sterling silver earwire for pierced ears. ONE earring costs the same as one pendant. To buy a set of earrings, order quantity of 2 and tell me in e-mail box you want earrings. Please specify moonstone or amethyst.* 
Gemstone Properties
*Moonstone:(milky clear) promotes emotional balance, sensitivity, unselfishness, and soothes anxieties.
*Amethyst:(purple) spiritually uplifting, increases intuitive and psychic abilities, opens heart and crown chakras.
*Malachite:(green) attracts prosperity, healing and protection; helps release mental blocks and negative emotions.
A black satin cord is included with each item, unless you specify "earring".

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