Sterling Silver Miniature Magic

I am delighted to present you with some of my favorite jewelry,
 by Lizi Brown of Pleiades Arts.
Each piece comes in a purple gift box.
These tiny intricate pendants and earrings range in size
from 5/8 to 1+1/4 inches (1.5 to 3 cm).

Click below for prices and more details.

Detailed and delicate power objects in 3D miniature...

I love them!

Vessel Goddess
Vessel Goddess
Vessel Goddess
Symbol of  Generosity, Abundance, and Receptivity
based on a clay figurine from Prygos, Crete
made about 300 BCE.
lunar disk
Triple Spiral
Crescent Moon Lunar Disk Newgrange Triple Spiral
Venus of Lespugue Sheela-na-gig Cucuteni figure
labyrinth cauldron broom
Labyrinth Cauldron Broom
moonstone fairy
Yoga Fairy
Moon Fairy (moonstone) Yoga Fairy Moon Fairy (amethyst)

For the rare occasion when you can't wear a bold t-shirt,
these little charms are perfect!

Jewelry designs copyright by Lizi Brown
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