Ancient Goddesses

Sterling silver pendants based on ancient goddess artifacts.    
A black satin cord is included with each pendant. Or request it as an earring with sterling silver earwire. Each earring costs the same as one pendant.
Cucuteni Artifact
Venus of Lespugue

Design based on a clay goddess found in Northeast Romania from the Cucuteni Culture, 4300 BC. The lines swirl around her entire body, suggesting vibrant energy flow.
Size: 1+1/4 inch ( 3 cm. )
Based on a 5+1/2 inch figure carved of mammoth ivory, dated 21,000-24,000 BC, found in France. Her arms rest on egg-like breasts. She inspires creative fertility.
Size: 1 inch ( 2.5 cm.)
Sheela-na-gig is found atop many ancient doorways of churches in Ireland and England. This particular image is based on a stone corbel at Church of St. Mary & St. David in Herefordshire, England, built in 1100 AD. Sheela-na-gig blesses entryways and life's passages. She is often depicted as an old woman grinning while opening her sacred yoni.
Size: 3/4 inch ( 2 cm. )
Here are two websites that tell a lot more about sheela-na-gigs:
Tara's Sheela-na-gig website
The tale of Sheela-na-gig by Kathryn Price Theatana

Sheela-na-gig makes a lively Earring (not pictured)   $32.00

Cucuteni Goddess Earring   $32.00

Venus of Lespugue    $32.00
Note: If heavy earrings bother you, don't get this one.

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