Ritual Music
Ritual Music: Isis Invoked    $15.95
A calming, oceanic sound useful for meditation, yoga, tai chi and dance classes, or any type of healing session. This CD contains over an hour of original compositions and a 12-page booklet which describes casting a circle, philosophy, and invocations.
Sound Clips at bottom of this page.

Isis Invoked Jessica Gill
preistess works energy
Susan's personal recommendation:
I put this music on my website because I love listening to it and think you may too. I have used it during rituals, guided meditations, and as creative inspiration background music. It has a random, openness which I never get tired of. There is no singing, but some nice variety with chimes, keyboards, and bells. It is perfect music for massage or yoga for that reason.
preistess juggling moons
The Artist's Comments:

I have studied classical music and dance for over twenty years. World travel, the Western occult tradition, nature, and scales, modes, and improvisations from other cultures influence my music. I have created different tonal qualities and modes to help evoke the elements (Earth, Air, Fire, and Water) as well as Greek and Egyptian Deities.

Vibration is the thread that runs through my life experiences and how they influence my musical compositions. Energy healing, music, and ritual all act on the physical world through the etheric nature of vibration.

-Jessica Gill

Sound Clips from Isis Invoked
The Real Player clips are a smaller file size, but if you don't have that player you might prefer the Win Media files. You may be able to download a free version of the Real Player at
Real Media files for Real Player Win Media files for WinMedia Player
Air: 31 sec 82 k Air_short: 16 sec 283 k
Casting: 50 sec 201 k Cast: 16 sec 260 k
Earth: 41 sec 165 k Earth_short: 15 sec 265 k
Floating: 52 sec 210 k Float: 20 sec 336 k
Isis: 41 sec 165 k Isis_short: 11 sec 207 k
Pan: 48 sec 192 k Pan: 35 sec 569 k
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