Snake Pentacles

Sterling Silver
The ancient mystical symbol "ouroborus", that of a snake biting its own tail suggests immortality and continuous cycles. The pentacle, five-pointed star in a circle, is a mystical reference to the five elements, five directions, and five senses. This image is a favorite pagan positive symbol today.               $28.00
pentacle pendants

    Choose from the following gems:
  • Moonstone:(milky clear) promotes emotional balance, sensitivity, unselfishness, and soothes anxieties.
  • Onyx:(black) promotes vigor, strength, stamina, concentration, devotion, and grounding.
  • Malachite:(green) attracts prosperity, healing and protection; helps release mental blocks and negative emotions.

  • $28.00 pendant, or request it as one pierced earring.
  • A black satin cord is included with each item, unless you specify "earring".
  • These pendants are discreetly small, 5/8 inch (1.5 cm),and yet the detail is exquisite.
  • The larger size (1 inch diameter) pentacle is set with a lapis or amethyst. Please tell in e-mail comment box on order form which stone you prefer.   $39.00
pentacle with lapis

Large Snake Pentacle pictured with Lapis

1 inch (2.5 cm)

Single Pentacle Earring
your choice of the above gemstones, $28.00

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