Snake and Snake Originals
Designed by Susan Baylies
Susan screenprinting
Well, I'm about ready to stop tie-dyeing and printing tees.  I did one last print run of all of the designs I still make. The only one of my own designs that I might still be doing next year is the Winter Tree design.

I plan to continue selling some tees made by The Mountain, as well as jewelry and all of my cards and posters.
Thank You to all of my customers who have appreciated my t-shirts for literally dozens of years!
 Crew neck T-Shirts adult sizes S-XXXXL
but sizes may run out..I will email you if your order is unavailable.

Size Measurements

winter tree tee
Winter Tree
Goddesses Dancing
Goddesses Dancing
Moon Dream Spiral
Moon Dream Spiral
Moon Dream
Moon Dream Blue
kitty yinyang
Purrrfect Harmony

Purrfect Harmony lavender

Purrrfect Harmony

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