About Snake and Snake:

Susan Baylies
Susan Baylies

I began my business a LONG time ago, with the Lunar Phase Card in 1977, and a line of greeting cards. In 1984 I expanded to printing on t-shirts.
My newest enterprise is Suzebilia Designs. These are designs that I have "Printed on Demand" so that I can enjoy the design work, but don't have to print them or stock them myself. Some are my same old Snake and Snake designs, and others are totally new, some made with my AI text prompts using Night Cafe. ( and then I tweak the designs in Photoshop).

I have a second business: "Pathway to English". I tutor children who are learning English.  I made a Youtube channel for some simple English videos. 

I started my online sales in 1996 with snakeandsnake.com. It has been a lifesaver to my business, and a wonderful adventure. 

In my *free* time, I volunteer with the Democratic Party.
Thank You for supporting my business!

Q. So why do you call yourself
Snake and Snake Productions?

A. I made my logo of two snakes about 50 years ago (yeah, I'm old) when my initials were S.S. As I grew more interested in Goddess imagery I was delighted to see Cretan priestesses wielding double snakes. In fact, snakes were sacred in many Goddess cultures. So the name has double meaning!

Refund and Exchange Policy:

       If you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason, you may exchange it or return it for full refund.

Privacy Policy:

Your personal data will not be shared or sold to anyone.

Other American Small Businesses benefit too!

     When you purchase from Snake and Snake, your money supports several businesses besides my own, and several creative women. Pleiades Jewelry is created by Lizi Brown, an artist in MassachusettsThe Goddess Grace video is made by Mariel, in Durham, NC. The Mountain tees are dyed and printed in New Hampshire.

About The Tees:

     All my tees are machine washable and dryer safe for easy care, but the colors will reamin brighter for years if you don't use a hot dryer. Use warm or cold water and no bleach for best results. Here is a Size Chart.

If you have any comments, e-mail me at sbaylies@gmail.com

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